Marine Stereos: Installation Tips

Marine Stereos

Whether you want to be the life of the party or just customize your equipment to your preferences, custom marine audio installation may be one of the most effective ways to upgrade and personalize your boat.

Marine custom installations for stereo systems provide you with a quality, integrated way to help make your dream boat a reality.

These tips can help you with the process.

Marine audio equipment

Some of the equipment you might want to consider when upgrading or creating the perfect audio system on your boat:

  • Speakers
  • Tower speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Amplifier
  • Smartphone interface
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth

I know what you might be thinking: that sounds an awful lot like the audio equipment you use in your car. How is marine-grade equipment different?

Generally, it comes down to two things: water-resistance and bigger buttons.

Your marine audio equipment is rarely truly “water proof” although the component electrical parts will most likely have been coated in water-resistant material. By adding this water-resistant component to the electrical parts located in your marine audio equipment, your system resists the rusting and malfunction that tends to occur in moist environments.

Why bigger buttons? Marine audio equipment tends to have larger, simplified controls so that you can better control your sound in smaller, wetter, and bumpier conditions than you might typically encounter outside a boating environment.


Speakers can be customized to fit the look of your boat, sometimes with custom colored lighting.

Tower speakers project your audio, voice, or music, across the lake (or whatever your body of water might be)

Subs and amps

A top-notch subwoofer and amplifier enhance the sound. Customize the number and size according to your presences to customize the depth and range of sound from your audio system.

Customizable features

Additional options, such as touch screen control, smartphone interface, and Bluetooth technology can all take your audio system customization to the next level.

 Installing your marine audio

Once you’ve decided on the parts, it’s time to install everything. You generally have two options: replace the existing components (think swapping the radio in your car) or add on the equipment. If you’ve decided on a truly custom look, you’ll most likely need to cut and wire your audio components into your boat’s interior.

To help guarantee a quality custom marine audio installation, consider hiring a professional, especially if you are doing more than simply upgrading what you’ve already got in place. Otherwise, you’ll need to prepare to do things like cut paneling and find the right spot to run wires from a 12-volt battery to your new gear.


Think about placement for all the components you need. Of course, this will vary depending on the size and style of your boat but consider size and exposure when you install your parts. You can store your subwoofer and amplifier under the seats or bow of your boat, install speakers and interfaces on side panels, and use Bluetooth to reduce the exposure your audio equipment receives from sun, wind, and water.

Find what works best for you based on your needs, and for complex work consider using a professional to help install all the component parts in exactly the right spot and in exactly the right way.

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