Brand Spotlight: Amoena Bras

Amoena Bras

For women who have suffered breast cancer and undergone mastectomy surgery, finding the right bra can be an integral part of the healing process both physically and emotionally.

A well-fitting, beautiful bra can help you to regain your body confidence and help you to feel like your old self again following the trauma of surgery and recovery. The designers at Amoena have taken your style and comfort into consideration to create an exceptional line of elegant bras that are also comfortable and uniquely designed for your post-surgery body.

Recovery Bras

The days and weeks following surgery can be both painful and traumatic as you slowly being to heal. Amoena has designed a range of post-mastectomy bras that can help to aid healing while gently recovering your natural shape to begin to regain your body confidence.

Their recovery bras are made from soft, breathable cotton that is non-restrictive to protect the delicate skin around surgical sites and incorporates compression technology to promote better circulation and speed up the healing process.

Many of their line of post-surgery bras also have front fasteners which allow you to put them on and off easily without straining your body after surgery.

Mastectomy Bras

Amoena mastectomy bras combine the luxurious style you want from high-end lingerie with creative design features that help to create symmetry and a natural shape to your silhouette. Their line of everyday bras is made from soft materials such as cotton and elastane to provide a comfortable wearing experience and a flexible fit. These materials also prevent itching along surgical scars and allow the skin to breathe beneath breast forms and prostheses.

All Amoena bras come with sewn-in microfiber pockets to hold breast forms. However, they are just as easily worn without forms and still provide the right level of support you need. The shape of the cups is designed to accommodate the shape of Amoena brand breast forms as well as hide surgical scars more effectively than standard bras.

For added comfort and security, Amoena bras have wide, padded elastic straps that are adjustable, and a soft under band to keep the bra in place and minimize the discomfort caused by underwires. The straps are placed closer together to sit slightly higher on the shoulders for better comfort and support.

Finally, Amoena bras come in a huge range of sizes to suit all body shapes and cups sizes. Larger sizes come with a soft padded back panel and a greater number of hook and eye connections to keep your bra in place.

Final Thoughts

Amoena bras help you to look good so that you can feel good too. Their cleverly designed bras will keep you comfortable all day long and help you to feel more natural with or without breast forms.

To take the stress out of lingerie shopping, you can buy Amoena bras online at quality online lingerie shops that specialize in mastectomy products.

Try any of Amoena’s gorgeous bras whether you are recovering post-surgery, or you simply want a beautiful bra to help you feel comfortable and confident every day.

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