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Top 3 Things That Make a Great Residential and Corporate Escrow Company in AZ

Whether this is your first real estate transaction, or just your latest investment property sale or purchase, chances are you understand the importance of escrow by now. The residential and corporate escrow company in AZ that is involved in your real estate deal has a tremendous impact on the way the transaction unfolds and can make or break the entire process.

So, what makes a great escrow agent?

Communication Skills:  If there is one thing that most people agree upon, it’s the critical importance of communication skills during escrow. First of all, one of the primary roles of escrow is to ensure that the needs of both buyer and seller are being met in a transparent, systematic way. If your residential and corporate escrow company in AZ can’t clearly communicate what is expected of both the buyer and seller, how can the parties involved possibly do what they need to in order to close?

 Furthermore, excellent communication skills on the part of the escrow agent will ensure that the property sale doesn’t drag on forever with no end in sight. The escrow process has a lot of different parts, and if no one is quite sure who is waiting on an important document before the next stage can be completed, the proceedings will take extremely long to finalize.

An escrow agent with good communication skills is showing that they are on the ball, they respect your time, and they want to fulfill their duties to the best of their ability.

Experience:  So many different situations can crop up in the course of a residential or commercial property sale. There are escrows that go exactly according to plan, and there are escrows that are plagued with surprises and challenges. What you need, regardless of your escrow circumstances, is the steady hand of an escrow agent who has been there time and time again. There is simply no substitute for experience.

 After hundreds of successful escrows, a good residential and corporate escrow company in AZ will develop an intuition that results in smooth transactions. And that’s important when it’s your home sale or purchase on the line! Don’t leave your family’s housing situation or your business’ operating location in the hands of someone without the experience to see the process through to closing, no matter what.

Attention to Detail: Finally, one of the most important qualities an escrow agent can possess is a strong eye for detail and a meticulous nature. Escrow is all about the minute details, and a good escrow officer is someone who finds personal pleasure in crossing every “t” and dotting every “i”.

 There’s simply no room for error or careless mistakes when you’re talking about a purchase or sale that is likely to be the largest of your life. A successful residential and corporate escrow company in AZ understands the gravity of the responsibility they are tasked with and takes pride in fulfilling even small details.

The more thorough an escrow agent is in both their preparation and execution, the more likely it is that both parties reach the closing table quickly and without any difficulties or nasty surprises.

If you are looking for the best residential and corporate escrow company in AZ, call our office today to schedule a consultation. We are here to handle all of your residential and commercial escrow needs!

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