How to Use Mezzanine Space Efficiently

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A mezzanine is often a new and exciting addition to your warehouse space, dramatically changing the environment by expanding your operation into a new, vertical dimension. Before installing a steel shelving mezzanine, or another catwalk, it is always best to first formulate a plan for using the new square-footage effectively.

This list presents some options for maximizing the efficiency of a mezzanine, using creativity and practical knowledge.

Plan and Judge Your Operational Needs

Although this isn’t a practical suggestion, it is a vital and helpful recommendation for getting the most out of your mezzanine. Naturally, a mezzanine is not as accessible as your ground floor, so you need to judge exactly what you require of your new space and whether or not it can really deliver on your expectations.

Make some useful calculations and crunch the numbers to decide whether it will really improve your profitability before committing to the purchase of a steel shelving mezzanine for sale.

Consider Alternative Uses

One of the best ways to use mezzanine space efficiently is to change its purpose from storage to office space. Office space doesn’t have the same demands for transfer and lifting of goods, so there isn’t any loss when utilizing your mezzanine for that purpose. This can save rent you spend on an external office and help streamline your business plan by bringing operations closer together.

In certain environments, you may be combining storage with processing operations. In this case, your mezzanine tier may be suitable for housing machine operations or other assembly line processes. Transporting goods may be achieved through conveyor belts which seamless blend mezzanine operations with those on the ground floor.

Divide Items by Size and Weight

You should already be carefully managing the size and weight of your stock, to avoid over-loading your storage hardware. In doing so, that will ease the application of restricting your mezzanine storage space to the smallest and lightest stock.

The advantage of this is that it makes personnel retrieval simpler, as well as allowing for more stock to be lifted and lowered at a time on mechanical tables and platforms.

Choose Suitable Access Points

Human access to your mezzanine tier, via lift or stairs, needs to suit your business needs. Consider multiple points if necessary, to limit the amount of time your workers need to spend walking between operations. Limiting this dead time will improve your efficiency and can prevent worker fatigue.

As well as human access, you should also consider the access of materials to and from the mezzanine. In certain operations, it may be suitable to use a conveyor belt to transport goods to and from your mezzanine tier. In other cases, you might need the use of a hydraulic lift, crane or another more flexible and substantial device.

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