Sewer Line Problems with a Sewer Video Inspection

Guide for Diagnosis of Sewer Line Problems with a Sewer Video Inspection in Phoenix

Sewer Line Problems with a Sewer Video InspectionMajority of people don’t know how beneficial sewer lines are until they breakdown. Beneath the streets, the sidewalks and highways lies a network of sewer lines that redirect waste water to the treatment plant. When a problem occurs, it can be quite difficult to determine the cause or the problem’s location especially when you engage people who use outdated methods like digging a trench.

Thanks to improved technology, plumbers have access to video inspection technology that enables them to locate where the problem is in the sewer line while above ground. High resolution cameras are engineered at the end of a fiber optic cable which is connected at one end to an HD display. The camera is built to be waterproof thus providing a visual inspection of the sewer lines located below the ground.

As a home owner, you probably have noted some problems with your sewer line. Slow flow rates of waste water from the toilet or the kitchen and a foul odor in the air. When this happens, it is wise not to engage in DIY methods in order to eradicate the problem. Furthermore, do not assume the problem as it will escalate resulting in you spending more to make repairs or replacement. What do you need to do? Contact highly trained professionals with cutting edge video inspection tools to help locate the source of the problem with your sewer line.

What is sewer video inspection?

This refers to a form of telepresence that is used to visually inspect the interior of a sewer line. This form of technology is used in the identification of problems that result in blockage and back flow of waste water in the home or business. During normal use of the toilet or bathroom, it is common to find home owners dumping food particles, hair, fat, oil and pieces of soap down the bathroom drain or kitchen sink.

Over time, these elements combine and eventually form into grime. The grime results in the blockage of the sewer pipe leading to poor flow and backflow of waste water back into the house. In order to determine where the blockage is, sewer video inspection tools are needed. The sewer video inspection process involves the use of a flexible fiber optic cable attached to an HD capable camera at the tip.

How it works?

First, you have to contact a video inspection professional. They will arrive at your home with a mobile truck fully equipped with all tools required for a successful video inspection service. Once they arrive, they will get to talk to you and provide you with a full quote of the service. After you accept the quote, the professionals will proceed to the location where the problem may be. They will locate the manhole close to the home. From there, the professionals will snake in the video line through the sewer line with the intention of locating the problem. As the video line snakes through the sewer line, radio transmitters on the camera will begin recording the depth and the physical location of the problem. The camera will display and record footage of the sewer line.

Meanwhile, the professional will be watching and analyzing the video data being transmitted to the monitor. This helps to eliminate any guesswork plus it locates where the problem is. Once the problem has been determined, the hp printer support transmitter will transmit the location and depth of the sewer. In other cases, one of the professionals will mark the location above ground with a small flag. A printed report will also be made available.

What problems can sewer video inspection reveal?

a. Cracks brought about by tree roots
b.Blocked sewer line as a result of grime or soil
c.Collapsed pipes
d.Shifting soil
e.Grease accumulation

Benefits of sewer line video inspection

a. Its labor efficient unlike digging up a trench
b.Preserves the landscape
c.Saves time and money
d.Eliminates the need for landscaping again
e.Locates problems with a high success rate
f.Fast and safe

What to do when you have a sewer line problem?

Contact a professional sewer line video inspection professional immediately to prevent the problem from escalating. Remember, it pays highly to have a plumber’s number close at hand. It will save you a lot of embarrassment in future.

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