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Four Effective Natural Treatments for a Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is something almost all of us wish to avoid, but many will suffer from at least one point in our lifetimes. It occurs when the jelly-like discs separate, or vertebrae push out from the space between the vertebrae where it is meant to be contained, often causing an excruciating amount of pain in the process.

While the conservative or “wait-and-see” approach is often recommended prior to seeking surgery for a herniated disc, many doctors ultimately recommend surgical intervention as the ultimate solution for herniated disc treatment.

Unfortunately, surgery is associated with a variety of risks that vary in their likelihood and severity. From a long recovery time to have a negative reaction to the anesthetic, to the risk of worsening the injury instead of resolving it, there are many reasons why people seek out alternative herniated disc remedies instead of surgical intervention.

The top 4 natural treatment for a herniated disc include all of the following:

1. Physical Therapy and Exercise

Exercise is considered one of the top herniated disc remedies and with good reason. Strengthening the muscles of the back that surround the disc is a great way to offload pressure and relieve pain.

Of course, this exercise should be undertaken under the supervision of a physical therapist in order to ensure that you are not further aggravating the injury.

2. Yoga and Light Stretching

Yoga is widely known for its healing properties for all manner of musculoskeletal injuries, and for good reason. Gentle stretching and increased range of motion can do wonders for decreasing pain and improving flexibility in the back for people who have experienced a disc herniation.

3. Chiropractic Treatment and Care

Chiropractic adjustment is the ultimate herniated disc treatment for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort associated with a disc herniation.

A chiropractor works with their hands and sometimes other tools to manually manipulate the bones and structures of the spine, improving innovation to the entire body and correcting any subluxations that may exist within your spinal column.

4. Application of Heat and Cold as Appropriate

One underrated but helpful natural treatment for any type of back pain is to apply a hot or cold pack to the affected area for periods of ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

Depending on your own individual anatomy and the nature of your injury, heat or cold may work better to decrease the pain you are experiencing. Experiment with both until you find a temperature of compress that works best for you.

No matter which natural treatment you choose to treat your herniated disc, be sure to tell your physician, chiropractor, or other health care provider if your symptoms are worsening or are unrelieved within two weeks.

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