7 Best Suppliers of Marine Electronics


marine electronics suppliers

When customizing your fishing charter, speedboat, or yacht, it is important to select the right wholesaler who can install and train you on your new products. Look for marine wholesale suppliers who carry top quality brands of marine products, especially for electronics.

Oftentimes, these marine electronics suppliers carry the best brands for navigation, entertainment, and fishing. Listed below are seven of the top suppliers of marine electronics, all of which can be found through select marine wholesale suppliers.

1. Garmin

Garmin offers reliable navigation products for your new or existing boat, including radar, navigational instruments, chart plotters, and autopilots. All products help make sure you keep the correct course towards your destination. Garmin also produces equipment, so you can see everything happening underwater, below your boat.

2. Kenwood Corporation

Most marine electronics suppliers carry audio electronics brands, and Kenwood Corporation is a popular one. With electronics including speakers, amplifiers, and media receivers, any music lover can find a product they’ll enjoy using on their boat.

3. Fusion Entertainment

A good entertainment system can enhance your marine lifestyle experience. With stereo units, amplifiers, wired remotes, and subwoofers, Fusion Entertainment has marine electronics products for all your music needs. All the systems have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access, so you can stream music of your choice from your smartphone, even out on the water.

4. Raymarine

Raymarine is a great supplier for those who love to recreationally boat and fish. They have products for fishing enthusiasts, including sonar, GPS, fish finders, and thermal cameras. Other products include multifunction displays, autopilots, and day and night marine cameras, allowing you to boat at all hours. Their equipment comes in a variety of sizes, so you can be sure your equipment will fit the size of your boat.

Marine Electronics

5. Humminbird

Humminbird is one of the top-quality marine electronics suppliers to specialize in mapping out on the water and fish finding. Their imagining technology provides a top-quality view of the water to enhance the fishing experience. Their underwater imaging allows you to see fish and hazards around and below your boat.

6. JL Audio

Another top-quality supplier of marine electronics is JL Audio. JL Audio supplies boaters with entertainment electronics including high-performance speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and connection systems. You can select from various sizes and ranges to truly customize your entertainment experience on your watercraft.

7. Lowrance Electronics

Lowrance Electronics provides state-of-the-art electronics for everyone from the recreational fisher to the tournament-level angler. You can find screens that show ocean contours or fish population underwater, chart plotters, and touchscreen displays that have GPS. GPS allows you to save your favorite fishing spots on the water as well as plan for an upcoming trip and save your route.

Installing top quality electronics for your watercraft can ensure you have the best equipment for your marine lifestyle.

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